What you are unaware of controls you

Are you sure those assets are yours? The platforms dont care about you.

Im creating a space to explore the question of what we own in the era of cyber, compute, prediction, machine learning, AI, automation, auto-photo-filters etc.

with the purpose of helping identify steps individuals can change to protect what matters for the causes they care about

Join us to safeguard what's essential for the causes you cherish.


         Are you a freelancer reliant on emails, phone and other contact info and other documents?

         Are you a creator profiting from platforms like YouTube and Instagram? Let's clarify what's truly under your control in these digital territories.

         Are you a CIO often working outside your organization's tools? Let's map out your IT landscape, determine what's under your control, and strategize how to elevate your IT department's capabilities.

         Are you the grandparents of someone just wanting to connect in a safe resilient way with your entire family, including knowing your family photos and similar are in a permanent safe space (or do you have a grandparent you know who wants to be safe?)


Let's walk through your setup in a 1:1 Zoom call to find your critical steps to ensure you have access when you need them, and they remain under your control instead of someone else's.

To get you and those you care about safer, you can signal interest here. Note that it's 2000 SEK for a call, and the call alone won't matter if you dont do your end of the homework afterwards.




I am also working on creating a free course helping you get yourself safer too.


Some inspiration for you to act today, yourself, without waiting for anyone.

Your Digital Twin precedes you always projecting to everyone eagerly listening.

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You are apparent in other people's datasets what's on the internet is permanent.






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Clear up your trails in the number surfer's rain.

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